Detonation gun spraying

Spraying system As discussed earlier, the spraying system is a process of coating the surface of the workpiece in various ways. In today's era, different types of spraying systems are…

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Plasma arc spraying

Plasma Arc Spraying PLASMA ARC SPRAYING is a coating process wherein a powdered metal melts by high heat obtained through plasma arc and then carried out to the workpiece surface…

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Electric Arc Spraying

Electric arc spraying system is a popular coating method as it is comparatively more efficient and cheaper than other processes. This process is accomplished by melting the filler metal at…

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Metal Spraying

Metal spraying is a process whereby molten metal is applied in a form of a fine spray to the surface of the base metal. The molten metal binds completely with the surface of the workpiece as a form of coating.

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Stress Relief: Heat Treatment of Weldments

INTRODUCTION The welding stresses introduced into the structures due to welding sometimes increase to higher values ​​as the yield strength of the material.. The problem of welding stress was not…

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Maintenance of welding equipment

Whether it is gas, arc or resistance welding equipment, little preventive maintenance can save us from large future expenditures. Introduction Barely any modern industrial plant is without welding equipment for…

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