welding processes

Weld November 23, 2020

Braze welding process Braze welding process is a method of joining materials together where a non-ferrous filler metal with a melting point, below that of the base metal but above (427 0C )is used. By this process, a groove fillet plug or slot weld can be welded easily. Brazing and Braze welding process There is […]

Weld November 2, 2020

Ultrasonic welding   The Ultrasonic welding process is a type of solid-state welding process wherein welding is done by the local application of high-frequency vibratory energy to workpieces, held together under pressure. Introduction Ultra Sonic Welding is a solid-state welding process. Its first use began around the 1960s with toy making. Ultrasonic welding is a solid-state […]

Weld May 24, 2020

Stick welding Usually stick welding is known as SMAW welding process wherein a flux-coated stick electrode is used to fill the joint. In this process, the electrode is used as a filler metal (consumable electrode), also carries the electric current to obtain desired heat. Stick welding is used for the welding of most common metals and […]

Weld April 19, 2020

Stainless steel is also known as corrosion-resistant steels. Due to its versatility, durability, and affordability, its use is steadily growing worldwide. Welding of Austenitic stainless steels Stainless steel welding techniques differ from carbon steel or alloy steels. Austenitic stainless steels show the following differences compared to common carbon steels: In austenitic stainless steels the electrical […]

Weld December 23, 2019

Welding joints Countless kilometers, of steel pipelines, are installing by industries, every day for civil and industrial uses worldwide. Welding joints have special importance in the welding operation.  Various welding joints and positions are using at different job locations according to the site facilities. Different types of welding processes are applying around the world with its different […]