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Weld April 11, 2021

Atomic Hydrogen welding The atomic hydrogen welding process is an arc welding process wherein, welding is carried out by heating the work, with an electric arc between two tungsten electrodes. Hydrogen gas acts as a shielding gas in this process. In this process, the filler metal is used depending on the requirement of the workpiece. […]

Weld April 2, 2021

Projection welding process It is a set of resistance welding processes wherein Unionization is produced by the heat received from resistance to electric current flow through the work parts held together under pressure by electrodes. The projection welding process is very similar to the spot welding process. Multiple welds are made in each operation, whether […]

Weld January 25, 2021

Welding of Plastic    Preface                   The concept of plastic welding is nearly eight decades old when German chemists and technicians began a strict search for substitute materials in 1933 due to a shortage of non-ferrous metals. Two years later, in 1935 polyvinyl chloride became available on an […]

Weld November 14, 2020

Arc spot welding process Arc spot welding is an electric arc process where the welding process is carried out at zero arc travel speed. wherein coalescence is produced by heating an electric arc between a tungsten or tungsten alloy electrode and two closely fitted surfaces.   Welding operation: Arc spot welding is basically a TIG […]

Weld March 25, 2020

    “The Interviewer” is actually a collection of interview questions collected from several interviews and the purpose of broadcasting it is to help only those who are preparing for the interview. Interview questions from welding In the “interviewer” some questions are being added for the purpose of the information that may help to clarify […]

Weld February 1, 2020

The arc blow is actually the act of the weld bead deflection from its path due to the magnetic field arising at the time of welding. Arc blow is a process that causes the molten metal to deviate from its path during welding, the root cause being the generation of a magnetic field due to […]

Weld January 29, 2020

DESCRIPTION OF POWER SOURCE We commonly use AC transformers and DC generators or rectifiers as a power source for arc welding which has proved extremely useful for arc welding. We will discuss this in further detail. PREFACE The power source for arc welding is highly critical, in arc welding almost all welding processes obtain sufficient […]