Weld October 1, 2020

INTRODUCTION The welding stresses introduced into the structures due to welding sometimes increase to higher values ​​as the yield strength of the material.. The problem of welding stress was not taken seriously until the construction of large structures by fusion welding. However unwanted internal stresses may reduce the endurance limit of individual parts. But these […]

Weld September 29, 2020

Whether it is gas, arc or resistance welding equipment, little preventive maintenance can save us from large future expenditures. Introduction Barely any modern industrial plant is without welding equipment for both production and maintenance today. Welding has become a necessary step in every metal fabrication process and in recent years its importance in the maintenance […]

Weld March 17, 2020

Flux Flux is used to protect the molten metal from all types of atmospheric contamination. In Gas welding, the metal is heated in air, oxygen from the air combines with the metal to form oxides that result in poor quality, low strength welds or, in some cases, welding may be impossible. To avoid this difficulty, […]

Weld February 10, 2020

As we know that Tig Welding is a fusion welding process and the arc is generated by an electric power source, where many tools are required… First in essential tools Welding Machine A welding machine is the first necessary device to provide a source of heat for welding operations. It can be a transformer aided […]

Weld January 14, 2020

WEAVING IN THE WELDING OPERATION When you get started welding you always paid attention to your weaving and welding profile because weaving in the welding operation is a key factor.   Although the welding procedure guides you but gives you some limitations also regarding your weaving. In this case, a big issue that how can […]