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Weld June 13, 2020

Stick electrode Stick electrode (used in manual metal arc / shielded metal arc welding) is a core wire in various sizes and thicknesses, over which the flux coating is coated. Stick Welding The stick welding process is usually defined as Manual Metal Arc Welding. In this method, stick electrodes are used to combine metals. Therefore, […]

Weld January 6, 2020

WELDING STANDARDS, A review: The welding standards have been in use for a long time. It mainly developed in 1898, when A group of scientists and engineers, led by Charles Dudley, formed ASTM in Originally called the “American Society for Testing Materials” welding standards’ purpose was to address and prevent the frequent rail breaks and […]

Weld December 16, 2019

Although welding has been used since ancient times, it was initially used as an art, but currently, it is in use as advanced and well-organized science and has many branches today. It used everywhere today, whether it is to make a small device or a large aircraft. Became an Art Mankind had knowledge of metals […]

Weld November 25, 2019

Before Arc is an article about the history of electric arcs and As we know how important arc welding is in today’s era, but a long effort has been made to invent it, and this was only possible when electricity was discovered. The discovery of electricity is considered as an important achievement in human history. […]