The welding’s problems and inventions, Year by year welding history. Complete with timeline, facts, pictures, and descriptions.



Let’s say something related to the “weld world” before telling about us.

Weld World feeling great to present this platform which aims to provide unique information about welding technology to those who have experienced any difficulty in their daily tasks.

In Weld World, we make every effort to present any fact with its basic technology, for this we take help from various references and experts with our experience so that the exact information can be reached to you. However, if any error remains, we are sorry for that and your valuable suggestions are invited so that we can correct it.

We welcome your ideas where you can give your ideas and suggestions, we are happy to welcome your thoughts and we will be happy to follow the suggestions you have shared. Let’s try to find some pearls from the ocean of knowledge

Our vision



Weld World is a completely non-profit platform, providing technical and basic information on essential issues related to the welding world.

The goal of Weld World is to present facts related to welding. Which is not business in any way and is presented only with the help of those who want to make a career in the welding field.

Next Steps…

If you see here what your needs or you need anything else related to this field, you can contact us with our contact form or email us.

Thanks for visiting here…..


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